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As a manager how do I initiate carpooling to work?

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2017 01:44AM UTC
There are a number of ways that managers can support ride sharing and make it easier for team member to adopt corporate initiatives such as Localift.
There will be some team members who already know they live close by and for others it will be a big surprise.
Managers can support carpooling by initiating and creating groups for various purposes: 
  • Create a number of lift groups for team members living in a particular area and name them by the suburb or location. 
  • Create an airport lifts group
  • Create a lift group for team members who regularly move between campuses
  • Create a lift group for team members who regularly travel to the same customers or suppliers
Once created, each lift group has a unique ID that can be found in the My Lift Groups section of Localift.  Once the lift groups have been created the names of the lift groups and their unique ID can be communicated to the team.  If there is a group a team member would like to join, they simply key in the unique lift group ID into "Enter Group Code" from the menu.
As a manager initiating all of the groups you will automatically become a member of each of these groups.  If you do not wish to remain a member of the group:
  • Go to Lift Groups in the menu 
  • Tap on the group you wish to leave
  • Go to additional options menu at the top right hand side of the screen (three dots), 
  • Tap on Leave Group and you will no longer be part of that group
Organisations keen to support carpooling to and from work may choose to make available lists of people who live near each other usually by postcode/zipcode.  Please be mindful of privacy and never reveal an employees’ actual address.  Providing these lists will make it easy for team members to identify who lives nearby.  You can post these lists on a company intranet or send an email around to your team.
If a team member finds themselves in a group with colleagues they prefer not to share rides with, they simply block them. This way they never receive requests or offers from that person.

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