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How do I request a Lift?

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2017 02:46AM UTC
  1. On the homepage, tap Request Lift 
  2. Enter From  -  Mapbox will help automatically populate the address. 
  3. Enter your To destination. You can choose a saved address, or add a new destination. 
  4. Who needs a lift? If you are organising the lift for someone else, add your Linked Passengers to the lift by tapping on the plus image.
  5. When: Enter the date and time you wish to be picked up. 
  6. Recurring Lift? If this is a one time lift, skip this step. If this is a recurring lift enter how often this lift will occur and when the series will end. 
  7. Who do you want to notify?  You can choose from groups you set up and Localift members in your Friends list. Only Localift users will receive your invitation so please ensure the friends you wish to share lifts with have downloaded the Localift App. 
  8. Add a message: You can add extra details for your friends here. For examples, do you have extra luggage, a baby carriage, large sporting equipment or anything else that your friend should know about? If you are organising a carpool roster you can also use this field to communicate with your friends. For example, "I need a lift for Monday but can do Tuesday and will send an offer."
  9. You are done! Tap Request Lift and your friends will see your Lift Request.
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